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Indian Lentils 101

There are so Many varieties of beans and lentils that it can be hard to figure out where to begin. Well, don't fret, Moji will get you started!

When we talk about Indian legumes, we refer to them as pulses. Pulses are the dried, edible seeds of a legume pod. Dahls are split pulses. Split pulses cook much faster than whole ones. Some dahls are available with the skin removed (hulled), which are often easier to digest. The flavor profile of Indian pulses is so distinct from one legume to another that the final dish will taste completely different even if you use the exact same spice blend.

Moji's delicious Dahl Recipe gives a choice of three split pulses, or dahls, that work really well with the spice blend: hulled chana (chickpea), hulled masoor (red lentil) or hulled mung bean.

  • Chana is flavorful and familiar as the chickpea is widely eaten in the West. However, it takes a bit longer to soften.

  • Red lentils are also common in the West, tend to have a kid-friendly flavor profile and cook very fast.

  • Mung bean has an earthy quality and also cooks quickly. It is so gentle and nutritious that it's used both as a first food for babies in India and prescribed as a healing food in ayurvedic medicine in the form of Kitchari.

Go ahead and give one a try! Stay-tuned as we will be launching more recipes using other lentils and beans!

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