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How to make Onion Baghar : moji Hacks, (Shhhh!)

If you grow up in a South-Asian home, you casually observe all the "tricks" mothers use to enhance the flavors of everyday dishes or make them quicker to cook. We are letting you in on all the little secrets of the Moji Masala kitchen to make your cooking faster, easier and more delicious!


Onion Magic!

This is a picture of an onion frying
How to Cook Onion Bhagar

The onion is the silent, often invisible superstar in Indian food. We swoon over the flavors of cumin, coriander, cardamom and chili in our favorite dishes but it's the simple yellow onion that locks in all those flavors. There is hardly a recipe that doesn't call for sautéing an onion as your first step or adding it in the end as a baghar.

So here's a little trick to take your masala base to a whole new level! After sautéing your onion on medium-high heat until it reaches a nice, dark golden brown (see pic above), simply place the lid on, remove from heat and let it sit for about a minute. Remove lid, place back on heat and continue with your recipe. This little time of letting the onion sit in its own steam brings out another layer of taste that makes the dish ever more delicious. A fan of our Rogan Josh or Spiced Gobi dishes? This technique is a must-do!

How to make Onion Baghar and Dahl Gosht

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