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thanks for joining us on our blog page!  if you're looking to be immersed in the world of homemade Indian cooking, you've found the right place!  learn some simple techniques, stock your pantry with a few key staples, and you'll be whipping up delicious, authentic dishes in no time:) 


using moji's packets alongside our 'cook page' is a wonderful way to get started.  as you seek to expand your base of recipes, join us as we use moji's spice blends in a variety of traditional and modern Indian dishes that reflect our need for healthy and exciting family-friendly meals for all seasons!  

leap into fall with moji's chana masala!
(whole chickpeas braised in tomato)

Fall is here and many of us are knee-deep in new rituals.  As busy parents trying to get back in the swing of a full schedule again, our goal is to make everyday meals that are family-friendly, nutritious with minimal ingredients, prep and clean-up.  If you can relate, give moji's chana masala a go!  This one-pot vegan dish is quick, hearty and delicious!  It's also pantry-friendly, making it easy to whip up last minute with moji's Aloo Rasedar Masala and some basic ingredients:)

kid tip: serve with your child's favorite rice or flat bread with minimal sauce and some yummy plain greek yogurt on the side

Homemade Indian Chickpea Chana Masala with Rice and Roti

Techniques & Staples

Bhunao Method

Master this key technique for cooking your masala base and enjoy deeply flavorful braises (curries) every time!

Homemade Paneer

Indian cheese is versatile, creamy and a breeze to prepare from scratch using this simple technique.

Onion Baghar

Learn this simple and quick tempering technique to add a final layer of flavor to many of your Indian dishes.

Perfect Basmati Rice

Explore two ways to make a simple, fluffy white rice.  In just a few steps you will have perfect rice in 20 minutes!

Indian Pantry Items

For spontaneous and fast Indian cooking, keep these readily available, inexpensive pantry items well stocked.

 Garlic-Ginger Paste

Keep a batch of garlic-ginger paste on hand.  Using it  in your masala base or marinade will liven any dish you make!


 vegan-friendly, braised chickpea  in tomato

moji blend: aloo rasedar masala

 protein-rich, vegan topping for soups, eggs, nachos and more

moji blend: fish masala

 vegan-friendly creamy spinach with tofu or dairy paneer

moji blend: palak masala

earthy-sweet roasted cauliflower recipe finished 

moji blend: garam masala

 vegan-friendly paneer  in tomato sauce w/green pepper

moji blend: mushroom masala

crispy spiced egg with fresh herbs, chilis and onion

moji blend: garam masala

Meat & Fish

marinated braised chicken in a creamy yogurt-tomato sauce

moji blend: tand chicken masala


spiced ground beef simmered with peas & potatoes or green peppers

moji blends: aloo and garam masala

marinated spiced chicken tikka (small pieces) for the grill or oven

moji blend: tand chicken masala

marinated sauteed shrimp     perfect as an appetizer or main

moji blend: garam masala

succulent spiced minced meat logs for the grill or oven

moji blend: garam masala

Masala Fish/Chicken Cutlets

spiced breaded fish or chicken cutlets pan fried and baked

moji blend: fish masala


fresh and spicy yogurt-based condiment or dip

earthy and spicy yougurt-based condiment or dip

Radish Chutney

fresh and cooling summer condiment or slaw

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