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How to make Masala Mushroom!

Easy Peasy Masala Mushroom. Enjoy This Quick Vegetarian Dish Anytime!

If you're looking to cook more Indian food and want a simple, non-intimidating dish to prepare, look no further than Indian-style mushrooms. Our Masala Mushroom is quick and delicious and helps get your familiar with the basic steps of making a masala paste, the building block of most Indian dishes.

Sautee garlic cloves and a tomato until it softens and releases all its water.

Blend in Moji's Mushroom Masala with a little water to make a paste.

Add in the mushrooms, coat well and sauté until fully cooked. If you'd like, add a cup of frozen peas 5 minutes after the mushrooms.

Finish with a dash of Moji's Garam Masala to seal the deal!

Moji's Masala Mushroom Recipe

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How to make Mushroom Masala with Moji Masala ®

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