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Easy Indian Cooking:

1 Moji Masala Pack + A Few Produce Items + Moji's Recipe =

A Delicious, Authentic Indian Dish!

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we are moji masala.

we provide fresh, pre-measured Indian spice blends and authentic recipes to make it super easy for you to cook delicious indian food.

it's the kind of indian food you'd eat in someone's home.

moji means mama in kashmiri.  masala means spice blend.

our masalas are the gateway to enjoying food like moji makes.  


celebrate eating & journey with us through the layers of India

as we cook and eat from "moji's hand". 

 and by the way, we're just getting started...

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Intensely satisfying Indian meals without the hassle of spice shopping with minimal prep


High quality fresh ground Indian spice blends stored in single-use, eco-friendly packaging

Responsibly sourced premium ingredients

Age-old family recipes that celebrate the cultural, religious and regional diversity of India