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Indian Vegetarian Spices

try it all Indian vegetarian set


New to moji masala and love Indian vegetarian food? Try try it all indian vegetarian set hosts all 9 of moji's vegan-friendly Masala blends and enjoy the breadth of our vegetable,  rice and sweet recipes.​  Make your favorites, easily!  The spice packets come enclosed in a beautifully designed 5x5 gift box.  Fast, flavorful and authentic Indian meals are at your fingertips!  Including, Kitchari , Kashmiri Garam Masala, Palak Masala, Gobi Masala, Aloo Rasedar, Sweet Masala, Dahl Masala, Mushroom Masala, & Baingan Masala. This set comes complete with the perfect gift box! 

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