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Indian spice sets

Holiday Fun Set Indian Spices


Play with Moji's spice blends to liven up a holiday table from Memorial Day to Christmas with our Holiday Fun Set Indian Spices Set!  Looking forward to a speical 'friendsgiving', dole out the packets for a memorable potluck.  The set includes one each of Moji's Garam, Sweet, Fish, Aloo, Mushroom and Baingan Masalas enclosed in a beautifully designed 5x5 gift box.  Use our Garam Masala as a rub on your roast or in a meatball appetitzer.  Our chili-free and versatile Fish Masala will  liven up your favorite seafood.   The Baingan Masala makes for a killer dip.  Our Aloo and Mushroom Masalas are fabulous sides to compliment your traditional fare.  Finally our Sweet Masala will inspire all your holiday baking from pies to cookies to that perfect cup of chai to end the night!  Whether you are using the grill, stove, air fryer or oven, these blends will work magic!  Check out all our recipes on our 'cook' page for inpiration. Kashmiri Garam Masala

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