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Cooking calendar 

Join us Wednesdays as we make some of our fall favorites and start thinking about the Thanksgiving table! 


We will be coming to you live from the kitchen via Instagram (@moji_masala) so feel free to cook along (recipe links in the calendar below). Can’t make it?  No worries, you can always find the IG videos posted on our YouTube channel.


As always , our videos are there to help you become great Indian food chefs by teaching you how to make delicious authentic meals as well as key techniques that can be applied across many dishes. The more you cook, the better all your food will taste!


Keep an eye out for our Sunday blog posts where we will give you some great ideas on how to make the make the most of your Moji packets.


10 AM November  3rd:

Rogan Josh

Use Moji's Rogan Josh Masala packet to make this tantalizing braised Kashmiri meat dish. Built on the deep, smoky flavor of black cardamom, our authentic spice blend combines 13 spices, ground to aromatic perfection. 


10 AM November 10th:

Mushroom Masala

Use Moji's Mushroom Masala packet to spice up your Thanksgiving side or to turn your mushrooms into a flavorful vegan main course.


10 AM November 17th:

Palak Masala

Use Moji's Palak Masala packet to create a tasty, braised spinach dish that’s perfect as a Thanksgiving side. Warm, nutty, and chili-free, this flavorful masala is the perfect way to spice up your everyday spinach.

10 AM November 24th:

Mint/Cilantro Chutney

Take five minutes and a few basic ingredients to make this versatile condiment perfect for any Thanksgiving table.

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