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We Made Rogan Josh!

Hi Everyone! We cooked Rogan Josh this week, a warming, cozy dish that helps us acclimate to this cooler weather. We are not editing down these full videos because they are chock full of tips and nuggets of information to help you perfect your Indian cooking skills. They are great to watch while cooking.

Here are some important tips we shared:

1. Get your onions nicely browned over high heat using splashes of water to keep your pan from burning. Known as the 'bhunao method', this technique will come up regularly in much of your Indian cooking. Keep cooking with us and you will get a lot of practice!

2. Don't have enough time to marinate? Add deeper layers of flavor into your onion base like 2 teaspoons of garlic/ginger paste, or tomato paste. or add a poppy seed-coconut paste you can make easily at home in minutes (grind 1 teaspoon of poppy seed with 2 tablespoons of unsweetened shredded coconut). These fresh flavors give your Indian braises, aka curries, a more intense and exciting flavor profile.

3. Whenever you can, use bone-in meat and debone easily if you like, right in the pot at the end.

4. Don't forget our dishes are truly family-friendly! We use kashmiri chili which is fairly mild. When served with rice and yogurt even young kids can enjoy this dish with ease. Our five-year old asks for rogan josh at least once a week!

5. If you want to take the heat level up a notch, just add a half teaspoon of Indian red chili powder or cayenne pepper into the yogurt marinade or add a whole dried red chili when you simmer.

Have leftovers? Stay tuned for our blog post on how to use it to make a delicious biryani.

Happy Cooking!

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