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Secrets of Making the Perfect Garlic Ginger Paste: Indian Cooking Hacks

If you grow up in a South-Asian home, you casually observe all the "tricks" mothers use to enhance the flavors of everyday dishes or make them quicker to cook. We are letting you in on all the little secrets of the Moji Masala kitchen to make your cooking faster, easier and more delicious!


How to Bring the Magic of Garlic Ginger Paste

to All Your Indian Dishes!

Garlic and Ginger
Garlic Ginger is essential

A dollop of garlic-ginger paste in your masala base adds a little zest to your Indian food. It's a distinct, fresh, slightly spicy taste that rounds out the flavor of the dishes. Skip the fresh garlic step in the Moji Masala Quick Spiced Cauliflower recipe and instead add two teaspoons of garlic-ginger paste after browning the onion. It's also a great way to wake up meat dishes. Add three teaspoons to your browned onions when making Rogan Josh or into your marinade for our Tandoori-style Baked Chicken. Garlic-ginger paste is readily available online or at most local Indian stores. (We opt for the high quality, organic 24 Mantra brand). Or even better, make your own! It's super easy. Simply take equal parts of peeled fresh garlic and ginger (about 4 oz each), grind into a paste in a food processor, add a tablespoon of olive oil and pulse for a few seconds so it's well incorporated. Refrigerate in a well-sealed glass jar. If you'd like to make it last longer, freeze measured portions in an ice-cube tray for a few hours until solid and then transfer to a freezer-safe container. When you need a cube you just grab one and toss it frozen into your pot. It will also work great for all your other non-Indian dishes that require fresh garlic and ginger.

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