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Try This Cilantro-Mint Chutney Recipe With Everything!

Searching for something easy to add to your thanksgiving table that will deliver a punch of flavor? Than look no further than this wonderful, versatile cilantro-mint chutney. It's fresh and spicy, though the heat can be adjusted to your preference. It can sit perfectly next to your holiday gravy as a delicious condiment or serve it as a dip for a crudité. be sure to set some aside for your turkey sandwiches the next day. best of all it takes minutes to prepare! Join us Wednesday November 24th at 10 am on IG live and we'll show you just how easy it is to make.


1 bunch cilantro, with stems

1 cup mint leaves, tightly packed

2 small Thai or Indian green chilis or 1 jalapeno

15 high quality walnuts (optional)

½ cup full fat plain yogurt (blend with 3 tbsp of water if using Greek yogurt)

½ tsp salt

1 tsp lemon


Step 1 Rinse the cilantro and mint well.

Step 2 In a small food processor or blender, mix all the ingredients together until smooth. If the chutney is too dry add a few tablespoons of water, or just enough to get your mixture moving.

Step 3 Adjust salt and lemon to taste. Enjoy immediately or chill up to 24 hours. To ensure freshness, layer with lemon slices and seal tightly. Blend in a squeeze of lemon and mix well before serving.

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