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Dahl - Indian-Style Lentil Soup

We made this delicious masoor dahl (Indian-style red lentils) 2 days ago using moji’s Dahl Masala. It was intended for a family dinner that didn’t happen (classic plan-and it-doesn’t-work-out!). So instead we are enjoying it today as an incredibly nourishing and delicious lentil soup, garnished with the most intensely fragrant chives, a swirl of EV olive oil and a dollop of yogurt (bc everything is better with yogurt:). The dish was initially finished with an onion baghar that has been marinating beautifully in the stewed lentils, creating this wonderfully smoky caramelized flavor that’s just insane! A little reward for waiting to eat it! If you have half an hour, moji's dahl masala and a few simple ingredients, give this a try! Mazdaar! (delicious!)

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