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Moji Masala Test Kitchen

Check out the masalas and recipes we are working on! We start with Moji's authentic blends. Then the hard work begins as we do multiple rounds of testing to make the dishes fresh, flavorful and very easy to prepare.


How to Cook Indian food with Moji Masala

Look What's Cookin'!

This is a picture of Biriyani

It's been a busy month in the test kitchen! We've been sheltering with Moji, or more specifically in Moji's kitchen. What a productive time it's been as we've experimented with a few amazing recipes that we can't wait to share with you: Biriyani (spiced rice), Aloo Rasdar (braised potato), Chicken Rasdar (chicken curry), Baingan Bharta (smokey, mashed eggplant). Which of these do you want to cook next? Let us know so we can roll out your favorites first!