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Moji's Game-Time Menu is Always a Winner!

Football season is coming to a climactic end and we've got the perfect menu to please the whole crowd, from meat-lovers to vegans and adults to kids! Weather or not you're a sports fan, you can certainly enjoy some delicious snacks. Moji's got your covered this year with with our classic Masala Chicken Wings. Or make a versatile chopped tandoori chicken topping that you can use on everything from tortilla chips to pizza to NAAN-chos and layer it with all your favorite fixings! Just use our Tandoori-Style Chicken Masala with boneless skinless thighs. Or go meatless with this recipe below for Baked Masala Tofu Crumbles (using our Fish Masala). Need a little extra-something to stay warm? Make a batch of this scrumptious vegan Chickpea Chili (using our Potato Masala). You'll be so happy with the food, you may forget about the game!