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Keep These Indian Cooking Pantry Items Well-Stocked!

For spontaneous and fast Indian Cooking, keep these readily available, inexpensive pantry items well stocked. You will be able to take what's left in your fridge and make a magical Indian meal in no time! When you have these items handy, it also allows you the freedom to adjust and enhance all your dishes.

Tomato is umami-rich and is used in many dishes as a base ingredient. Using a high-quality, Italian tomato paste, puree or chopped tomato ensures you get that ripe full flavor in your dishes anytime of the year. Garlic and ginger, minced or in a paste form, add a layer of spice and freshness. They also blend in more evenly and don't burn as easily as fresh garlic and ginger. Coconut milk allows you to transform many dishes into a creamier curry. Lemon juice, dried mint and garam masala are excellent finishing ingredients, especially when you opt for more simple dishes but want a fresh and complex final flavor.

Pantry Items

1. tomato paste

2. tomato puree and/or chopped tomatoes

3. garlic-ginger paste or minced garlic and minced ginger

4. basmati rice

5. canned coconut milk

6. lemon juice

7. dried mint

8. moji's magical Kashmiri garam masala

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