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moji's Indian Omelet is Great Anytime of Day!

Indian Omelet

India omelets are full of flavor and so satisfying to eat, you may not get hungry for the rest of the day. All you need are two eggs, oil, salt and a good pinch of Moji’s Kashmiri Garam Masala. Throw in any and all fresh accompaniments you'd like, and you have a tailored recipe that's sure to please! Be sure to cook on medium-high heat for a dark brown, slightly crisp coat for the ultimate Indian omelete and Moji experience!

Ingredients for Indian Omelete:

2 large or xtra large eggs

​1/8-1/4 teaspoon fine salt depending on egg size

1-2 tablespoons of any or all of the following:

-yellow or green onion, chopped fine

-fresh tomato, diced

-cilantro or parsley leaves

-green chilis, chopped

-cheese, shredded

2-3 tablespoons high-heat neutral oil, or enough to fully cover your pan. It should be slightly swooshing around.


Step 1 Beat the eggs with the salt and garam masala. Blend in the fresh herbs, veggies and/or cheese of choice.

Step 2 Place a pan on medium-high heat. When hot, add oil. After a minute add the egg batter. Cook fully on one side until golden-dark brown. Flip and cook other side the same way. Enjoy your indian omlete with rice, in a wrap or on its own.

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