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How To Cook Rogan Josh

Moji Makes it as easy as: Marinate. Sauté. Brown. Simmer.

Rogan Josh is a traditional Kashmiri curry that is deeply satisfying to eat. It’s our comfort food, our celebratory food, our staple food. I get the same warm feeling eating it as when I enjoy a delicious bowl of fresh pasta Bolognese on a cold winter day. It’s truly perfect on its own with a fresh jasmine rice, just sticky enough to hold the wonderfully textured curry, and with a dollop of yogurt to cool the pallet. So yummy! And leftovers the next day are a treat!

Marinate your meat for 12-48 hours by blending our fresh-ground Rogan Josh Spice Blend with yogurt and oil.

Sauté two large yellow onions to create the base for that wonderful velvety texture!

Brown your meat with the onions until the liquid from your yogurt and meat is released.

Simmer for 45 minutes until tender. Magic!

How to Cook Rogan Josh with Moji Masala® Part I: Marinating

How to Cook Rogan Josh with Moji Masala® Part II: Onions, Meat & Rice

How to Cook Rogan Josh with Moji Masala®: Part III The Final Dish

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