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Moji Masala FAQs Answered

Hello Moji Masala Home Chefs!

We are so happy to see you cooking up a storm with your Moji Packets. Along the way we have been fielding so many great questions. So we are sharing the Q & A with everyone in case you've been wondering the same. If you have other queries not discussed in this post, just drop us a line at and we will get right back to you!

1. I love the fish and vegetable dishes but I am hesitant to try the curries, like Rogan Josh and Dahl because I'm concerned I can't take the heat. Are they very spicy?

We use Kashmiri chili powder in all our spice blends. Kashmiri chilis have a milder heat profile that doesn't leave your mouth burning. The heat level is only a notch or two above the vegetable dishes and very manageable. When Moji taught me to cook she always used a multitude of spices in one dish, and aimed for a balanced flavor profile, including heat. As your taste buds get more acclimated to chili powder, you may notice that you crave more heat and can always add a quarter spoon at a time to adjust the dish to what works for you. So give it a try!!

2. Dahl is one of my favorite foods but I get so confused by all the Indian lentil varieties, including the ones you sell. How do I choose?

Moji's delicious Dahl Recipe gives a choice of three split pulses, or dahls, that work really well with the spice blend: hulled chana (chickpea), hulled masoor (red lentil) or