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Uncovering the Top FAQs About moji masala: Your Questions Answered

Hello Moji Masala Home Chefs!

We are so happy to see you cooking up a storm with your Moji Packets. Along the way we have been fielding so many great questions. So we are sharing the Q & A with everyone in case you've been wondering the same. If you have other queries not discussed in this post, just drop us a line at and we will get right back to you!

1. I love the fish and vegetable dishes but I am hesitant to try the curries, like Rogan Josh and Dahl because I'm concerned I can't take the heat. Are they very spicy?

We use Kashmiri chili powder in all our spice blends. Kashmiri chilis have a milder heat profile that doesn't leave your mouth burning. The heat level is only a notch or two above the vegetable dishes and very manageable. When Moji taught me to cook she always used a multitude of spices in one dish, and aimed for a balanced flavor profile, including heat. As your taste buds get more acclimated to chili powder, you may notice that you crave more heat and can always add a quarter spoon at a time to adjust the dish to what works for you. So give it a try!!

2. Dahl is one of my favorite foods but I get so confused by all the Indian lentil varieties, including the ones you sell. How do I choose?

Moji's delicious Dahl Recipe gives a choice of three split pulses, or dahls, that work really well with the spice blend: hulled chana (chickpea), hulled masoor (red lentil) or hulled mung bean. Try one that works for you!

  • Chana is flavorful and familiar as the chickpea is widely eaten in the West. However, it takes a bit longer to soften.

  • Red lentils are also common in the West, tend to have a kid-friendly flavor profile and cook very fast.

  • Mung bean has an earthy quality and also cooks quickly. It is so gentle and nutritious that it's used both as a first food for babies in India and prescribed as a healing food in ayurvedic medicine in the form of Kitchari.

Stay-tuned as we will be launching more recipes using other lentils and beans!

3. I've made a few of Moji's dishes so far but I feel like the flavor is not fully coming through. Do you have any suggestions?

The key to mouth watering home made Indian food is using the perfect mixture of fresh ground spices (Moji's got you covered) and perfecting your masala base. This process entails browning an onion, often cooking down a tomato, adding your masala all the while cooking on medium-high heat and adding enough water periodically to keep the base moist and pasty. It takes about 8 minutes to create this paste. If you have this process down you'll have locked in both the flavor and the base texture needed for your dish. Check out this blog post for visuals or this Gobi Video to see the a demonstration.

4. Will the Tandoori-Style Baked Chicken and the Rogan Josh still be good if I don't marinate?

Yes they will still be delicious, but they will be amazing and more full flavored if you marinate!

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