Our Masalas, Your Dishes

Chef Jay Lippin's

Buttermilk Masala Wings

(serves 2-3)

Prep/Cook Time: 1 hr

SPICE CROSS is our way to pay homage to our followers and customers who are inspired to experiment with our fresh and flavorful spice blends.  We love our own authentic recipes for sure.  But we also love to see how versatile they are as others take knowledge from diverse cuisines and add their own touch!


JAY LIPPIN is Chef-In-Residence at the East End Food Institute.  His background includes tenures as Executive Chef at The Odeon and Cafe Luxembourg in New York City, Executive Chef at Crabtree’s Kittle House Restaurant in Chappaqua, NY, and most recently as Executive Chef at Baron's Cove in Sag Harbor, NY. He was also a winner of the TV show "Chopped" and WFAN’s “Tailgating Essentials & Barbecue Contest.” Jay is a member of the Slow Food East End board of directors and a tireless advocate for local food and producers. He is especially interested in cooking endangered heirloom produce to ensure future biodiversity for the planet and for diverse flavors in the kitchen.

This recipe will take your wing experience to a whole new level.  The warm and earthy flavors of black and green cardamom, cumin and coriander in Moji’s Game-Time Wings blend balance perfectly with a sweet and spicy kick from Balsam Farm’s Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce.  Marinating the wings overnight in buttermilk and yogurt and then baking on high heat on a rack create a juicy inside and nice crispy coat. These are some of the best wings I’ve ever eaten!



10 oz. Balsam Farms Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce

1 cup of full-fat Buttermilk

½ cup full-fat Greek yogurt

1 packet MM Game-Time! Wings Masala

1 lb. chicken wings (drumettes and wingettes) patted dry; air-chilled is preferred.



Marinade (15 minutes):


1.  In a medium-to-large size mixing bowl blend the hot sauce, buttermilk, yogurt and contents of the masala packet until well incorporated.

2.  Add the chicken to the marinade in batches and coat evenly. Transfer to a marinating bag or cover the bowl and marinate for 24 hours.  


Baking (45 minutes):

1. Use middle rack.  If your baking/cooling rack is tall use the lower-middle rack.  Preheat oven to 450 degrees.  Place rack on a baking sheet.  Shake off any excess marinade and lay wings side-by-side but not touching.   Cover loosely with foil.

2.  Bake for 25 minutes, then remove cover and cook for about 20-25 more minutes, or until chicken is fully cooked with a dark brown, crispy, slightly blistering coat.  You can opt to broil for the final 1-2 minutes with the oven door slightly ajar.  Make sure to closely monitor the wings while broiling to ensure they don’t dry out or burn.