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Garam Masala Burger

Heat Level




Prep Time

15 Minutes

Cook Time

15 Minutes

potato curry
Kashmiri Garam Masala

Use Moji's Kashmiri Garam Masala and recipe to prepare a mouth-watering, to-die-for hamburger. Grounding earthy spices, fresh herbs and a kick of heat define this recipe that will elevate your burger experience!


1.5 lb. ground beef 80% lean

2.5 teaspoons moji masala Kashmiri Garam Masala

1.25 teaspoon fine salt (not sea salt)

2.5 teaspoon freshly minced garlic

1/2 teaspoon freshly minced ginger

3/4 cup cilantro or parsley leaves with small stems, chopped fine

1 small yellow or red onion, chopped fine

1 jalapeño pepper chopped fine, with seeds

(use half seeds if you prefer less heat; retain outside for flavor)

4 buns, with melted butter toasted or grilled

Fixings of choice: cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions


Step 1   Set aside a bowl of warm water to dip your hand in when kneading and forming the patties

Step 2 Place the meat in a medium-size mixing bowl and sprinkle the garam masala and salt evenly

over the meat. Add the garlic and ginger and knead until ingredients are well


Step 3 Add the cilantro, onion and chilis and knead until all ingredients are fully and evenly incorporated and the meat is well-minced, about five minutes.

Step 4  Divide meat into four  6 oz. pieces and shape into 3-inch diameter patties.

Step 5 Place a greased cast iron pan on medium-high heat. If making cheeseburgers, preheat the oven to 350 degrees so can immediately transfer burgers.

Step 6 When pan is hot, add patties. Cook 4-5 minutes on each side for cheeseburgers.  Add 1-2 minutes for plain burgers.

Step 7 Grill buns on medium heat, pressing down to get grill marks if desired

Step 8 For cheeseburgers add cheese to patties and transfer to preheated oven for 2 minutes

Step 9 Serve immediately with fixings of choice and pudina dhania chutney as a ketchup substitute. 

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